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Pillow Arenal

Upholstery fabric: 100% pure fine cotton satin / Filling: 20% Kapok, 30% Tencel, 50% Ingeo Pla / Care: Washable up to 60Cº. Tumble drying allowed with low temperature and little rotation.

Pillow Müstair

The Swiss stone pine exudes a pleasant ethereal scent, which has a very calming effect. As a result, you fall asleep faster, the first sleep cycle is deeper, the tendency to snore is reduced and the sensitivity to the weather and the moon can also be reduced.

Pillow Headrest

An occupational therapist with three disc hernias in the neck confirms: “Great relief and reduction of pain after just one night”. This pillow also provides a soundless sleep for heavy snores. The smell of the pine shavings improves sleep and ensures longer periods of deep sleep.

Pillow Astra

A first-class and ideal product for equipping hotels, holiday camps, second homes, nursing homes etc. The product is easy to care for and fulfills all requirements in terms of heat output and durability.

Pillow Kelim Vlies

The camel can compensate for blazing hot summers and freezing cold winters with its coat. You need a skin like an air conditioner. Sometimes warming, sometimes cooling. It keeps you wonderfully warm, but does not accumulate heat, because camel hair naturally has a high air trapping capacity, is temperature-regulating and moisture-regulating.

Pillow Lycona

Lyocorn is a product made from annual renewable raw materials. The mixture is characterized by high moisture absorption and release and is climate and heat regulating. The fibers are compostable and therefore biodegradable and there are only insignificant CO2 emissions in production.