MoreFromFood fully automated Food Safety management software system and mobile application

MoreFromFood is an automated E-HACCP system for LOW COST, FAST and SAFE control of food safety. MoreFromFood was developed by leading food safety scientists and IT experts in order to facilitate the correct application of HACCP protocols & ISO 22000. Our platform and app was designed to substantially improve your food safety procedures while minimizing the costs for your organization. It contains all the elements of quality control that a company needs. It is simple, flexible, and great at providing proper internal controls, with which you can reduce administration costs up to 80%, your travel and consulting costs up to 40%, and many more. Get in front of food safety and manage risks with online smart MoreFromFood HACCP Software and buy it NOW! Monthly fee: 99,00€ (price for one location)* *Price may vary based on number of operational locations.
Rivenditore: DOTCOM D.O.O.

morefromfood is E-HACCP on click that serves Food Safety on your menu!

All required food safety plans in one online platform and mobile-friendly app, available in several languages!

Food safety protocols are based in accordance with ISO 22000 / BRC / IFS standards, but adaptable to any individual companies’ food safety management that is previously implemented. The platform is in line with the efforts for the digitalization of companies, therefore everything is connected to a mobile application, so all information is provided with real-time notifications in case you need to react upon critical situations as they occur anywhere and anytime in a completely paperless way.

Revolutionary web based paperless HACCP system that provides complete visibility of food safety compliance across your entire operation. From the supplier chain to the restaurant or store point, the administrator carries out monitoring and control activities that ensure the highest quality of food. All measurements are in compliance with HACCP protocols.

It improves the quality of food by putting you in control of food safety with automated processes that drive impressive cost savings and labor efficiencies across your organization.

More of Food Safety? YES!

Let’s have a look at some of our features:

 INCONSISTENCIES AND RISK ANALYSIS – The system continuously records any irregularity in food safety management automatically and warns you about it. It also gives you an appropriate action to perform in these cases. Furthermore, the system enables business risk and food risk analysis displayed on the platform with risk levels, tables and diagrams.

 INVENTORY CONTROL AND ORDERS TO SUPPLIERS – By entering all your current or new suppliers in the system, you can review stocks and generate the order with your tablet in real-time anywhere from your locations. Purchasing food automatically just can’t get any easier.

 FOOD TRACEABILITY – The software includes traceability management of food production, designed to meet the requirements of European food safety legislation. Food or meal can be traced and obtain a complete history and desired data through a complete chain “from farm to fork”.

 TEMPERATURE CHECKING – Obligated food temperature checking can be automated with our innovative monitoring system Saefy or can be integrated with your current used one.

 CONTROLS – All other controls can be automated too and be integrated with any existing system. You can have an insight into controls of many things, like pest control, air control, cleaning and disinfection, equipment maintenance, waste disposal, water, and electric supply, dangers, etc.

 PROCEDURES, DUTIES AND ASSIGNMENTS – The administrator takes control of the interactive dashboard and acts in real-time. Based on notifications, tasks can be assigned daily, weekly, or monthly and are followed by all involved in the process.

 OPERATOR TRAINING - Mandatory skills for workers can be all done on the platform. Training needs are automatically checked and scheduled overtime, without spending valuable time qualifying a new employee.

 AUDIT - The system supports you to face internal and qualification audits and to manage a supplier qualification audit program.

 100 % COVID-19 COMPLIANT - All mandatory measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 in the workplace are already built on the platform and the app.


MoreFromFood was built by renowned food safety scientists and advanced software engineers, with the intention to develop a fully automated, efficient and cost-effective measurement and management system for advanced monitoring of food safety. The application is a product of joint collaboration between University of Pisa, Italy and the Slovenian IT company Dotcom.

Allow us to set up MoreFromFood System on your location(s) for a free trial period of 3 months. Simplify the food safety procedures and minimize your costs now!