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MoreFromFood fully automated Food Safety management software system and mobile application

MoreFromFood is an automated E-HACCP system for LOW COST, FAST and SAFE control of food safety. MoreFromFood was developed by leading food safety scientists and IT experts in order to facilitate the correct application of HACCP protocols & ISO 22000. Our platform and app was designed to substantially improve your food safety procedures while minimizing the costs for your organization. It contains all the elements of quality control that a company needs. It is simple, flexible, and great at providing proper internal controls, with which you can reduce administration costs up to 80%, your travel and consulting costs up to 40%, and many more. Get in front of food safety and manage risks with online smart MoreFromFood HACCP Software and buy it NOW! Monthly fee: 99,00€ (price for one location)* *Price may vary based on number of operational locations.