Fatbikes are absolute fun and enjoyment bikes. The balloon tires compensate for almost any surface, no matter how bumpy it is. More uplift on mud, sand or snow are only pleasant side effects of the soft ride feeling. E-Fatbikes are perfect for all cruisers and connoisseurs who are looking for the extraordinary e-bike feeling. The only thing to keep in mind is that E-Fatbikes are not lightweights. But: The E-Bike or its electric drive unit compensates the higher weight ideally. The best of two worlds, so to speak.

Would you like to get rid of your empty rooms and instead provide your guests with e-bikes?

We can help with that. At Greenstorm, we can lend you and your guests a brand new fleet of e-bikes for a season. In return we get vouchers for free beds.

Depending on your interests, the e-bikes are joined by e-cars and the electric filling stations.

In return, we fill your beds with guests who are enthusiastic about your house and your offer including e-mobility.

At the end of the season we get the e-bikes and e-cars back and you get new models for the new season.