They are the ideal means of transport in an urban environment to cruise through the streets quickly and comfortably. Our bikes inspire with comfortable mounting and dismounting, superior ergonomics, smooth running and full city bike equipment with luggage rack, holder for shopping basket, handbag and work bag. Getting around the city is practically impossible faster, more sustainable and more effective than with a modern e-citybike.
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Would you like to get rid of your empty rooms and instead provide your guests with e-bikes?

We can help with that. At Greenstorm, we can lend you and your guests a brand new fleet of e-bikes for a season. In return we get vouchers for free beds.

Depending on your interests, the e-bikes are joined by e-cars and the e-filling stations.

In return, we fill your beds with guests who are enthusiastic about your house and your offer including e-mobility.

At the end of the season we get the e-bikes and e-cars back and you get new models for the new season.