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HTS vision

In a finally globalized and digitally transformed world, new travel opportunities, lived hospitality, individual exchange and real personal experiences will be of unique importance. We are confident that regardless of current crises, these attributes will contribute to a more peaceful and fair coexistence on this planet - for all of its current and future residents.

We as the HTS Group would like to make our contribution to making this dream a reality.

The HTS Group offers a cloud-based multi-layer software and middleware solution, with which all core processes and key data processes of a state-of-the-art hotel company can be connected, exchanged, controlled and managed. With our system, it is possible for the first time to control all relevant business tasks of a hospitality organization of any size and any location in real time via a single digital interface..

The HTS Group is creating a worldwide unique digital industry standard for a previously chronically underdigitized industry and is opening doors for an integrated and lasting market success for Hospitality 5.0.

With our unique service and product portfolio, all future HTS customers can fully concentrate on their key role as perfect hosts and thus become one of the world's leading hospitality service providers for their guests.

Our team comprises over 60 people: software solution architects, marketing specialists, administration and office service employees, financial experts, international sales specialists and many more.

Let's go this new and exciting way together.

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