Sturdy service trolley with many application possibilities for example as a catering station or mobile coffee station. Ideal for use in offices, conference rooms, conference, Meeting, seminar or conference rooms. The trolley is equipped with a powerful Refrigerator with circulating air cooling technology, with one insulating glass door with stainless steel frame, lockable. The interior is equipped with a switchable LED lighting and 2 storage racks and ensures perfectly chilled drinks. Via the 3-way socket on the inner wall other devices, such as a coffee machine on the trolley can be connected. 2 drawers, one of them with cutlery insert.

Beverage service trolley
with refrigerator and coffee machine preparation
The trolley is equipped with
Liebherr convection refrigerator.
This refrigerator guarantees, even at high
ambient temperatures, an optimal
Cooling result with lowest noise level.
Here the drinks are cooled in the shortest time
reliably cooled down.
Insulating glass door with stainless steel frame, lockable.
The interior is equipped with a switchable
LED lighting.
2 storage racks with a loading capacity of 30 kg
Fridge capacity: 45 L
Temperature range: +2º to 12ºC

All drawers are equipped with a soft pull-in
and an aluminium handle bar.
The load capacity per drawer is 30 kg.
Top drawer for cutlery
Clear width approx. 360 mm
Clearance height approx. 70 mm
* * * N E W * * *
Equipped with a cutlery arrangement.
Front 3 compartments lengthwise
To the pull-out direction
* * * * * * * * * * *
The upper plate is equipped with a Ø 80 mm cable outlet
provided. Here you can connect to the built-in 3-fold
socket of a coffee machine or another
electrical device must be connected.

Dimensions: L x W x H: 800 x 660 x 1200 mm
Wood decor: at your choice
Frame decor: at your choice
2 double swivel castors Ø 75 mm, black high gloss
2 double swivel castors Ø 75 mm, with lock black
High Gloss


Length 800 mm
width 660 mm
Overall height 1200 mm
2 swivel castors ⌀ 75 mm
2 swivel castors with lock
Load capacity 125 kg
Weight 100 kg
Total capacity 45 l
Connection 230 V
Temperature range 2 - 12 °C

Beech, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Wenge, Bog Oak, Metallic Black (ill. in white)