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Hotel Alarm Management Server

In order to ensure the well-being of guests in the tourism industry at all times, good service and safety in the event of a disaster should not be underestimated. As Switzerland's leading alarm management server, we have been able to count numerous hotels and tourism businesses among our customers for many years. The AMX alarm server guarantees the evacuation of guests and the transmission of communication to all important involved parties through a reaction time of seconds. Whether it is a fire alarm, burglary or threat: With our AMX alarm server, we combine numerous requirements with one solution and guarantee the highest possible security for employees and guests through a redundant server that can be expanded at any time.

Lone worker protection

Occupational health and safety of lone workers is an important issue. An alarm that is detected at any time, whether intentionally or unintentionally, can save lives. Through the GSM/UMTS signal, the personal emergency signal device sends a lot of parameterisable information to the cloud alarm server. Various parameters show the control centre where the person is located. In the event of an alarm, a voice connection can be automatically established to the alarm server via the public mobile phone network and various localisation information (indoor/outdoor) can be communicated. Additional security functions such as heartbeat (sign of life) round off the solution.

Swiss made alarm solutions

Various swiss made alarm solutions from one source. - Alarm server for hotel - Alarm server for evacuation - Alone worker - Technical alarm - Hotel Check In/Out status is visible in the alarm server

Security Solutions in luxury hotels

Reference: Dolder Grand luxury hotel

Mobile app for hotel alerts

The mobile app from ATT runs on all devices such as IOS, Android, Tablet, Windows Desktop PC, Mac, etc. Using Push Notification, alarm messages are transmitted to the app at any time and in encrypted form. All alarm messages can be accepted or rejected.