Cantina Valdobbiadene Val D’Oca

The Valdobbiadene Val D’Oca Producers Wine-cellar collects and transforms annually approximately 12,000 tons of raw material. 90% of the total of the grapes is represented by Glera that is suitable for the production of  Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG and Prosecco DOC wines. All the technology of the Winery is based on the processing of this type of grape with the aim of obtaining sparkling wines and semi –sparkling wines  of excellent quality. Upon receipt of the raw materials, generally from the month of September onwards, checks are carried out on the area of provenance, on the state of health, on the sugar content, on the acidity levels in order to establish determined qualitative parameters. Subsequently, on the basis of this information the grapes are destined to various different production lines.

In general the process of producing white sparkling wines is the following:

  • crushing of the grapes
  • gentle pressing and separation of the marc or skins and seeds
  • settling of the must
  • fermentation
  • obtaining of the new wine
  • constitution of the cuvée
  • prise de mousse’ or charmat method in steel vats
  • re-fermentation at controlled temperatures
  • cold stabilization of  sparkling wines
  • sterile filtration
  • bottling


Valdobbiadene Producers Wine-cellar has invested in and continues to implement resources for updating the technology of the plants and for controlling the production processes so as to perform the operations required by the work protocol.

In order to guarantee the utmost respect for the wines and to produce a top quality product, physical means are preferred rather than using traditional chemical additives, also in the case of red wines, although here the steps of the process to follow are different:

  • crushing of the grapes
  • fermentation and maceration of grape-skins and seeds
  • obtaining of the new wine
  • decanting
  • storage in steel vats
  • stabilization
  • sterile filtering
  • bottling