Villa de varda

In the small town of Mezzolombardo (in the Northern side of the Italian region called Trentino), the de Vardas - noblemen since 1678 - were important vineyard owners and grappa producers. It was in a cellar such as de Vardas’ that at the beginning of the 19th century Michele Dolzan started his pursuit in the field of distillation, a pursuit which has now reached the fourth generation.
Dr. Luigi Dolzan is the passionate heir of traditions and of his grandfather’s teachings, he continues distilling and while doing it he keeps paying much attention to his ancestors’ deep-rooted ideals. 
In order to reward his professional competence and commitment, the President of Italy – Carlo Azeglio Ciampi – granted Villa de Varda’s owner the title of Knight of the Italian Republic.
Dr. Luigi Dolzan was also granted the Degree of Doctor of Science Management Honoris Causa by the Clayton University in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Such award was personally handed to him by Madeleine K. Albright - the American Secretary of State at that time. Dr. Dolzan is proud of these titles, as they confirm the passion he bestows on his products and represent a guarantee of quality for his customers.

Under the strict control of such an expert and scrupulous person as dr. Dolzan, Villa de Varda produces fourteen different kinds of mono-typical grappas - all carefully distilled with the so-called "de Varda Method" - as well as fruit brandies and liqueurs
The Dolzans are heirs to a long familiar tradition of wine-growing and wine-making experience which has been handed down from one generation to the other: hereby a bridge between past and present was built. Such tradition now continues with Luigi’s sons Michele (sales manager) and Mauro (oenologist and technician). According to their father’s teachings, the two brothers do constantly care about the requests of the market as well as about technological changes and innovations, so that to have a modern company also respectful of tradition.
The warm and friendly atmosphere among the collaborators creates an enthusiastic team, which pleases the customers who are always welcome at Villa de Varda