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Saffron is gastronomic product in full harmony with the emerging, and rapidly growing, global niche, sensible to sophisticated tastes, excellent quality, natural/bio, healthy properties, to made in Italy and to immaterial/symbolic values (history, prestige, luxury).
Although Saffron is almost entirely produced in Iran, today, the original habitat for Saffron has been the Mediterranean area where it has been cultivated for 3500 years: still the climate and soil of European countries, and Italy, in particular, can offer the best quality.
Saffron was largely cultivated and used in Roman Empire and in the whole Europe in the middle age and Renaissance (Safranschou (1358) was a regulation in Nuremberg for saffron quality and in 1374 there was famous saffron war (1374) between Austria and the city of Basle). Saffron belongs to European farm and cultural tradition!
ISO Norms 3632 regulate classification of quality saffron through the measurement of intensity of Crocin (color) Picrocrocin (taste) and Safranale (aroma).
Company founded in June 2015, it contains its mission and philosophy in its name.
Aurum like gold, the original meaning of za'fran, saffron, the most precious spice in the world. Julii is a reference to Friuli Venezia Giulia, the ancient Forum Julii, and therefore to territoriality.

Aurum Julii aims delighting the emerging, growing global high end gastronomic leveraging on excellence in taste and quality, producing in Italy the “best saffron in the world” with organic processes and ethic production.
Aurum Julii saffron has already the highest quality levels (certified): far higher than first category level and better than competitors.

Brand is recognized as superior quality.
Aurum Julii invests intensively in R&D for product quality: researches on best corms, on ideal habitat and on optimal processes. Aurum Julii invests in sensorial analysis, testing sensorially many different products through focus groups.

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Safran im Glasgefäß - 300 mg

100% reiner Safran der Kategorie I ^ superior, mit einem einzigartigen, verführerischen Geschmack, Aroma und Farbe, sublimiert eine Vielzahl von Gerichten. Visuelle Analyse: rote Stigmen von Safran ohne gelbe Teile. Glasgefäß mit Korkenverschluss mit Garantiesiegel, in mattschwarzer Box zum Schutz von Sonne und Licht. Nettogewicht: 300 mg | Dosen: 6 Personen